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As Director of Marketing Arts, I would like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for joining our family of collectors and investors. Our clients relish the chance to build exciting art portfolios and have enjoyed double- digit returns in each of the past six years.

Mark, Director
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About Us

Decades of collective experience, an impeccable reputation and a successful track record have quickly positioned Marketing Arts as the pre- eminent destination for Contemporary art in the United Kingdom. Whether you are new to art investment or wish to grow your collection, the team at Marketing Arts are ready to guide you. I look forward to meeting you at one of our galleries in the near future and welcoming you to the Marketing Arts family.

Why marketing arts?

Your dedicated art advisor will work with you from the outset to establish your specific goals, interests and passions, which will inform your unique investment journey, taking into consideration your investment horizons, collecting aims, risk appetite and personal taste. Whether you are hoping to acquire a Banksy or a Basquiat, a Haring or a Warhol, our team will match the right artwork to you. From sourcing to selling, your advisor will provide up-to-the-minute and in-depth market analysis. With their expert input, they will guide you through every stage of the process: curat- ing your art portfolio; collection management; the valuation, holding period and exit strategy for your artworks; and, finally, the realisation of your investment.

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Art and other collectibles have a track record of consistent annual returns over time. Historically, art outperforms the stock market during economic downturns.

Art is distinct from other asset classes in that its returns have a low correlation with the return on stocks and bonds. This lack of correlation reduces risk levels and volatility when art is part of an investment portfolio.

Impressive rates of short- and long-term return make art investment a valuable
component in any portfolio diversification strategy.

Art is a refuge during periods of high inflation. When the purchasing power of currency deteriorates, art retains its value.

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